Holland Tour Oct 2018

Day 1 – 18th Thursday

This tour of Holland included first timer Glynn and we all made him feel at home with tales from previous trips and expected fish species to look for at each stop and for one or two surprises that frequently occur each trip.

At the port of Dover the weather was as expected in mid-October, damp and cold but 1/2hr after Calais and on our way to Holland the sun was out and characterised almost all our previous tours.

For some reason or other trying to keep track of what fish were found and where, turned out to be confusing mostly because for someone in our party was wondering how many fish to leave at each fish stop….Glynn! Also another one picking up as many snakeheads as i think he has kept in the past…mind you they are pretty decent are they not….Graeme.

It was inevitable that the cry of “any room for another polybox” rang out. Sharp intake of breath … “ok then, but no more”….hours later it was “we have some cool bags as well”

Some of the fish from the trip were:

Peter: Apistogramma cacatuoides(double orange), Apistogramma cacatuoides(super red), Desmopuntius pentazona, Apistogramma agassizii (Golden),Mikrogeophagus altispinosus, Melanotaenia boesemani

Robin: Schistura robertsi, Schistura geisleri, Scleromystax barbatus, Pseudomugil paskia, Axelrodia riesei, Microdevario kubotai

Glynn: ….is still counting

Day 3 20th Saturday

So, handcuffing and dragging Glynn from the last shop we finally started our way back to Calais 40mins behind schedule..but all went according to plan without the need for a comfort break (things we do eh!) and on the ferry back after tucking into a welcome fish and chips, the tour was reviewed.

Highlights were set as:

Most fish on tour – Glynn

Most time in a shop – Glynn

Most boxes on tour – Graeme or was it Glynn?

Most potatoes on a plate – Glynn

Without mentioning anyone else but i think Glynn slept the most as well

So apart from a great trip collecting many decent fish, some not seen for a while, the trip has been dubbed as “The Glynn Trip” as a tribute to a great induction to SDAS on Tour and also a very knowledgable one. Nice one Glynn.

editors note: this positively was not a competition to mention “Glynn” as many times as possible….he couldn’t help it 😉